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Bild 1 notes March 4, 2008 DNA is double straned RNA is single s tranded Template, antisense, or noncoding. Which is transcribed? What is the nontranscribed strand called? Nontemplate, sense, coding Has same sequense as the resulting RNA except that T’s are U’s in the RNA.  (look at handout) A codon in messenger RNA Is either translated into an amino acid or serves as a translational stop signal.  nontemplate (coding, sense) ATG- encodes methyanine and is a start codon All sequences start with methyanine TAG, TGA, TAA are STOP codons RNA polymerase Unwinds 10-20 bp at a time Moves “downstream” in the 3’-5’ direction Synthesizes mrna 5’-3’ Exons Protein coding region of a gene. Are expressed or exit nucleus
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Unformatted text preview: ← Introns • Intervening sequense which does not code for a protein. Are spliced out. ← snRNP’s made up of snRNA (small nucleus RNA) make up spliceosomes and recognize where the RNA is to be spliced. ← Ribozymes • Catalytic RNA molecules that function as enzymes and can splice RNA as well. ← tRNA • brings amino acid together with RNA code. How we translate mRNA code into protein • is roughly L-shaped ← Ribosomes • Apart of cellular machinery for translation (polypeptide synthesis) • ]facllitate the specific coupling of t RNA anticodons with mrna codons during protein synthesis....
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