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CAT LECTURE NOTES - 13:24:00 ← writing rules •...

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CAT LECTURE NOTES May 20, 2008 Travis Williams, SONY computers  No significant different between paper and video gamers Gamers are social events Gameplay can be defined as action=intent People play games to be empowered  Richard Bartle classified gamers as explorers, socializers, achievers and  killers incremental power increases are essential outstanding gameplay allows user to progress in skill: basic moves,  advanced/special moves, combinations, technique/style, subconscious  reaction video game industry lack standardization and shared language comedy, chaos, creativity, competition, community Games and Controversy
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Lecture Tuesday May 27, 2008
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Unformatted text preview: 20/05/2008 13:24:00 ← writing rules • introduction/back story/ prologue • contents (material) • object • game play (game turn) • examples • other rules and clarification • game end (victory conditions) ← Game presentation • Introduce your game • Talk about your concept • Your challenges, obstacles, problems ← “game technology” Lecture May 29, 2008 ← The remote control generation • Experience is mediated by controller ← Analog • Infinite gradations, states, decisions, fuzzy or no boundaries ← Digital • Yes/no/on/off/that/this/either/or, hard boundaries discrete segments, and arbitrary relationships....
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