l8 - STAT 350 Fall 2008 Lab #8 - SOLUTION For this lab, use...

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STAT 350 – Fall 2008 Lab #8 - SOLUTION For this lab, use the data in the accompanying Excel Spreadsheet. This data set gives measurements made on men involved in a physical fitness course at N.C. State University (and taken from the SAS documentation). The variables are: Age (in years) Weight (in kilograms) Oxygen Intake Rate (in ml per kg body weight per minute) Time to Run 1.5 miles (in minutes) Heart Rate (pulse) while Resting Heart Rate (pulse) while Running (taken at the same time Oxygen rate was measured) Maximum heart rate recorded while running Requirements for Excel plots: There should be no border to the figure or plot area. There should be no gridlines. The plot area should be white. The points should be clear to see (and of a color that is clear when the figure is printed). The scales of the x and y axes should be such that the data spans most of the plot area. The axes should have informative labels and the scale numbers should be clearly readable. Units (if known) should be given. The proportion of the graph (height versus width of figure) should be such that the relationship of the two variables is as obvious as possible. Requirements for plots generated with SAS PROC GPLOT (in addition to the requirements given for each problem above): Axes should be properly labeled (including units, when possible). Labels for the y -axes should be rotated so that the bottoms of the letters face the y -axis. The title for each plot should be the problem number ( e.g. , Problem #3b). 1. Make a nice table giving the Pearson Correlation Coefficients for all pairs of variables in this data set. Use SAS to get the correlations, but do not paste the SAS output here. Age
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l8 - STAT 350 Fall 2008 Lab #8 - SOLUTION For this lab, use...

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