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tourism paper. - Derek Kirby Tourism During this summer...

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Derek Kirby 9-11-08 Tourism During this summer past, I was itching to get out of my home town of Peabody, Massachusetts, and travel somewhere that I have never been to . Whether it was near or far, or anywhere in between, I did not care . I realized that I have never been to one of the most visited places in the United States . And that was New York City. I also remembered that my current roommate and good friend from Peabody, Phil, was living there for the summer . He got an internship in Manhattan, and since his sister already had an apartment there, he moved in with her . Her apartment was about a 10 minute walk from Time Square. My two friends Steve and Phillip decided to come with me to stay with the other Phil in Manhattan for a weekend . I had not seen Phil for about a month which was exciting in itself . Also, the fact that I had never been to Manhattan or New York City was an added bonus . To get to Manhattan, we decided to take a bus, because none of use wanted to drive all that distance . Also, with gas prices the way they are, it would not have been the cheapest way to get there . Both of my friends, as well as I, were financially strapped at this time. Therefore, instead of taking the Peter Pan or Greyhound, buses which would costed about forty five dollars round trip, but would have ensured a safe trip, we took the Fung Wah . This line of transportation is known for its breakdowns, crashes, and even fires during past trips . But the cheap teenagers that we are, we took the risk for a fifteen dollar profit and rode the Fung Wah for thirty dollars, roundtrip . After a five hour bus ride, that seemed like ten hours, with one rest stop,
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uncomfortable seats, and about ten naps, each ending with a large bump in the road to awake me, we arrived . Unharmed, we began on our walk to find this apartment building. A walk that should have taken ten minutes, took an hour . Being the men that we are, we refused to ask for directions . Finally, after a long time of searching, we found the building and were reunited with our buddy . We settled into this very nice apartment which was located across the street from one of the trump towers, sat on the couch for a moment of relaxation and brainstormed what to do for the night . It was getting late and we decided that we all wanted to spend the entire day in Time Square, so we put that off until the next day . Our buddy Nick, however, was living at Rutgers College in New Brunswick, New Jersey . He was taking summer classes, so he was the only one in his house
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tourism paper. - Derek Kirby Tourism During this summer...

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