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Derek Kirby Creative Non-Fiction 2/04/09 Asthma Lopate has a very in depth, moving description of his experience with asthma . The name itself bothers him . ‘Difficulty in breathing’ is a much better name, in his opinion. It probably reassures him a little, in some way . He sees asthma as an experience with death. Each struggling breath could be his last, and that’s how he refers to each breath . The doctor’s call it ‘rehearsing death’ and that probably had an effect on him . Lopate lives with this illness, by understanding that death my come at any time, due to this . He believes that he has the chance to live, which is miraculous, because if he dies, it’s the
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Unformatted text preview: same as not being born at all . I don’t see this as a very effective way of dealing with his problem. He’s not really accepting death, but waiting for it . There is a difference to the two, like he almost is bracing for it rather than be okay with it, if it does happen . By thinking about each breath being his last, he focuses on that and uses it as a device to calm his breathing . By facing each breath as his last moment, it is like he is constantly fighting to stay alive . This is the way he stays alive, as he puts it. I’m not sure it’s not that dangerous. Then again, I had asthma when I was a baby, so I don’t remember, but I’m alive ....
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