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Derek Kirby Robertson Tourism Content Analysis Massachusetts has a great tourism program, and the place that most people go to in order to find out about this state is the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism . This state has an abundance of information for tourists ranging from the arts to science and nature . The site has recommendations for single tourists, or families . The information starts with the arts that one can see if they visited Massachusetts . They include art museums, dance, music organizations, and theaters . Examples of places that hold such events are the Worcester Art Museum, the Citi Performing Arts Center in Boston, Berkshire Opera Company, and the Boston Pops . They give links to each of these business’s websites, in order to further anyone’s interest . Next, the website shows us about the history and heritage that you are able to see when you visit Massachusetts . They inform us of the opportunities of seeing Plymouth Rock, sites from the Revolutionary War, iconic buildings, landscapes, memorials, and museums . Heritage trails are also popular tourist attractions, with such trails as the Freedom trail beginning at Boston Common or the Black Heritage Trail, exploring the 19 th century African-American community . They also offer museums, lighthouse tours, or national recreation tours and activities . Linked to this idea of recreation is an entire section on outdoor adventures and activities . Listed on this
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section are great ideas for beaches, biking, golfing, camping, water and winter sports, sports venues and games, hiking and even whale watching . The science and nature section of the website is very interesting . The website gives all the best places to see fall foliage, gardens and arboretums, nature centers, and just other great scenic places around Massachusetts . Some examples of these scenic places are the Harvard Museum of Natural History, the Arnold Arboretum, Franklin Park Zoo, Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, and the Butterfly Place . The last section worth mentioning from the website is the family fun part
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content analysis - Derek Kirby Tourism Content Analysis...

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