ISSCO - Derek Kirby 11-17-08 ISSCO Trip The M/V Thomas...

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Derek Kirby 11-17- 08 ISSCO Trip The M/V Thomas Laighton Cruise Experience was a very interesting trip, and unlike any that I have ever experienced. First off, I pulled up to the port where the ship was parked, expecting to see a huge cruise ship, like Carnival, that you might see on TV. To my surprise, a much smaller ship was docked and awaiting for everyone to board. Understandably, I expected the trip to be much less interesting, just because the ship was not as large and luxurious as I expected. The trip started about twenty minutes later than planned, and it did not raise my hopes of the trip. Once we got underway, however, I began having a good time. The workers there were very helpful, and very informative. They were also nice people, and I was quite willing to strike up a conversation with them. After the trip, I looked back at it and realized how great and interesting it really was. The workers were fun and helpful, and the trip itself was just very interesting. I love the water, being on it or in it, and just everything about it. I have had an experience similar to this, in which I took a cruise on a legitimate cruise ship for seven days. I loved being on the water, stopping at places and swimming. I remember that I always set aside a few minutes of each day to just stand and look over the railing of the ship, just to admire the water. I just loved viewing the water, which I got to do on this trip, along with many other great sights. The ship was much bigger, which means that there were a lot more workers. Therefore, I could not interact with them as much as I could on the smaller ship, because on the bigger ship they HAD to do a specific job that did not include interacting with the people on the ship. Although the sizes of the ships were quite different, the experiences I had were quite similar. Before I went on this cruise, I researched some information on their website, in order to see what I could expect. I found that the web site was fairly easy to navigate through. Most of the things that I needed or wanted to find, I could find with ease. I went to the “About Us” section of the website, which was really informative. It gave complete descriptions/explanations of the company’s history, as well as its present status, what guests have to say, and a message from the owner. If I had to rate the current quality and quantity of the website, I would give it a 6 out of
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ISSCO - Derek Kirby 11-17-08 ISSCO Trip The M/V Thomas...

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