lights - yells of others doing the same thing as Dybek and...

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Derek Kirby Creative Non-Fiction 2/02/09 LIGHTS by Stuart Dybek This short story is a memory of Dybek’s that seems like a relaxing summer night . He chooses to remember nights when he had no worries in the world, and would sit for hours with his friends watching traffic, which is quite relaxing . What Dybek seems to remember about those nights is yelling, “Lights!” at the passing cars that did not have their headlights on . The cars would react in various ways: turn them on immediately with a honk for thanks or out of embarrassment . Or they would speed off up the street and then turn them on, trying to hide the fact that they had to be told to turn their lights on . Finally, some cars drove off without turning their lights on, either not hearing the howling youngsters, or disregarding the help being offered . The part of the story that stood out to me was the end, when certain cars would ignore the yells of the people on the corner . The car would continue to speed down the road driving past the
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Unformatted text preview: yells of others doing the same thing as Dybek and his friends . It seems to me that this small community can all gather in the evening, just before sundown, to relax and help out the lightless cars . It seems that the community has this one thing in common. When Dybek goes outside with his friends, it seems that it is a nightly tradition among this neighborhood . Everyone is out for a relaxing night, and even though it’s not too significant, it is something that this neighborhood has in common and can relate to each other with . Their “lights nights” may not seem so significant to me or other readers, it seems like it is, in some way, significant to them . It could be a place where they go to get away from the labor of every day . Just to relax in the summer’s night, and watch the cars go by, as others do the same . They all look for a way to get away from their lives for a couple of hours....
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lights - yells of others doing the same thing as Dybek and...

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