Health 102 Part 1

Health 102 Part 1 - No real threshold between what or what...

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No real threshold between what or what not is enough or can cause some effect to one’s health (i.e. babies) Factors are hard to measure and predict in a groups of people then harder to make changes and find them. People chose to shift the distribution because we tend to help more people that way rather than helping a smaller few (moving the distribution we get the overall population improved). Determinants of health and collection determinant are in notes (read readings to understand) When there is a steep change between the rich and poor, it is usually associated with bad public health (income is most important). All of them are interwoven, like a system (income related to employment, etc) Health child development Is foundation of health, leading up to adult hood. Genetic defects and other alteration can lead anywhere from minimal to death. Aboriginals have this disease that messes with their leg joints (they might get mad fucked later on in life). The effects of birth defects depend on how they addressed after they ‘e born (if not taken care of when younger, they can get worst and become a major impairments and become a caretaker casualty). Culture, social, psycho social, and genetic and environmental problems attributes to this too. Proper Care taking can prevent and take care of problems early on, preventing major things later Economic determinants: those with low are 2x has much likely to have lower life expectancy and get more sick than the rich (they got screwed over). May be casue by stuff like material disadvantages and things like wear and tear both mentally and physically (so the workplaces are trying to be nicer so they can function longer, mostly focus on the psychological aspect) Education and literacy: culture, economic status, and income. Also, allows people to be able to read medication prescriptions. People are using symbols and stud to get shit done. Employment and working conditions: people in low classes and unemployed, even when most factors are controlled, they are likely to die earlier due to the psychologically stress and material things. Those also with low job advances and stuff that creates imbalances in ones esteem mess stuff up. Also, young women with young families are even at a higher risk due to working and maintaining there family causing stress. Environmental determinants Social support networks: people who don’t have people to support them and talk o(like friends and families) are at a higher risk for illness. Also, poor health (M&P) can be cause by unsupportive relationship as well. Social environments: social support at a community level (from churches or municipalities). It is concerned that due to overcrowding, we were losing social cohesion (people are losing relationships and bonds with people) (people are less friendly; more isolated). Social breakdowns can kick shit up too, but Canadians do actually really well.
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Health 102 Part 1 - No real threshold between what or what...

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