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homework 4 key - Genetics Problem Set 4 1 Allele H is...

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Genetics Problem Set 4 1. Allele H is dominant for frequent hiccupping in mice. Allele a at a different gene is recessive for albinism. The two genes are on the same autosome. You breed an albino hiccupper to a normal (non-albino, non-hiccupping) individual and get an HhAa individual. In the next generation, you breed this double heterozygote to a non-hiccuping albino and observe the following progeny: 88 albino hiccuppers 95 non-albino non-hiccuppers 73 albino non-hiccuppers 66 non-albino hiccuppers 1a. Write down the genotypes for these crosses using correct notation to indicate the phase of linkage. In the second cross, which progeny have parental and which have recombinants chromosomes? First cross: H-aa × hhA- HhAa With phase of linkage notation this is Ha/-a hA/h- Ha/hA Second cross: Ha/hA ha/ha All offspring have ha for one chromosome. For the other, 88 Ha parental albino hiccup 95 hA parental non-albino non-hiccuppers 73 ha recombinant 66 HA recombinant
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1b. Are the two genes linked?
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homework 4 key - Genetics Problem Set 4 1 Allele H is...

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