The Most Dangerous Game - Vivi Hsu Eng 101 The Most...

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Vivi Hsu Eng 101 The Most Dangerous Game This is all about the value of life, life that belonged to both animals and human. In author Richard Connell’s short story “The most Dangerous Game”, some thought- provoking questions were raised. What is the definition of life? How do we value animals’ life? Why shouldn’t we hunt human? Through the conflicts between two main characters, Rainsford and general Zaroff, we may perceive one issue from different aspects. The story started with Rainsford who is a noted hunter from New York and his close friend Whitney on the ship during a dark night. Unfortunately, Rainsford falls off a ship and swims to a foreboding island. He finds there the evil General Zaroff who, with the help of his brutish assistant, hunts humans for sport. There were three days of fighting for his life in the jungle while Zaroff hunts him. In the end, Rainsford surprised Zaroff and killed him. There are some common traits between Rainsford and the general; both of them have the idea that the weak are the prey for the strong. Rainsford believes that the world is made up of two classes--- the hunters and the huntees, and that’s what he thought before he experienced
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The Most Dangerous Game - Vivi Hsu Eng 101 The Most...

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