Ice cream and Coffee - Eng 101 Vivi Hsu Ice cream and...

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Eng 101 Vivi Hsu Ice cream and Coffee The 13 hours long flight has worn me out. At the moment the flight touched the ground, I felt my heart was stabled and rooted. That was America, the dream land of opportunities and high education. The sky was dark still with the first gleams of the day climbing up from the far east mountain peak; I walked out of the gate of the airport and took a deep breath of the first American air. The air which mixed with freedom and all sense of hope was so wonderfully filled into my lung. Then, there was another long ride from airport to the downtown Seattle; the chair was pretty cozy though. People in the back of the bus hummed some rhythms that I had never heard. Clouds came out and cover the sun, it’s the first cloudy I got in this new city. The greasy smell from Mc Donald’s got into the bus from the window; blended with the homeless people smell and the perfume of the lady sat next to me. The street got wider and wider; with the window opened, the fragrance of the flowers and plants permeated through. The scenery was incredible. I tasted the salty wind from the ocean, and the wave of the wind brought me the sounds across the ocean; conversations on the street, begging of the homeless and the bustle in the office. It started to rain when I got off the bus. The air was sour and heavy that itched my nose.
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Ice cream and Coffee - Eng 101 Vivi Hsu Ice cream and...

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