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Response paper to namesake - Vivi Hsu Hum105 Response paper...

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Vivi Hsu Hum105 Response paper to “The Namesake” After finishing the book, it reminds me of the relationship between myself and my parents. Since I came to the U.S, I seldom have contact with my families back in Taiwan. Because of the time difference and because I’ve got more freedom here, I seldom contact them . It makes me think more about the cultural differences between my own country and the U.S, what have I forgotten and what have I gained? The family values are different in Western and Eastern world. No wonder when Ashima came to the U.S, she must make some adjustments for that. The life in the U.S for her is boring. With no families, no relatives, she just stays in the house making rice crispy. Until she had her babies, she becomes a Bengali house wife. Unfortunately, both of her children are under American education. They talk with perfect English, act no different from other teens, of course, leave the house when they graduate from high school. That leaves Ashima alone again in the house. At the time when she heard the news that her Dad passed away, her husband was with her and comforted her. But when her husband died, she was extremely insecure. There was nobody there for her. “She begins to shiver violently, the house instantly feeling twenty degrees colder. She pulls her sari tightly around her shoulders, like a shawl.” Her husband was the one who always with her and comforted her, but now she just has herself and two children left. I have some friends, they are American born Chinese, and all of them speak good
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Response paper to namesake - Vivi Hsu Hum105 Response paper...

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