Case2, Bohlander v. Dean

Case2, Bohlander v. Dean - Reversed and remanded Reasoning:...

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Vivi Hsu BUS 200 Case Briefing Fact: In 1996, A Michigan resident Bohlander sold his yacht through the agency Gilman Yacht Sales which located in Palm Beach County. In 2001, Robert Dean & Associates Yacht Brokerage Inc. filed a suit for damages against Bohlander. Bohlander filed a motion for dismissal but was failed to argue to the trial court that Florida lacked jurisdiction over his person. Afterward he appealed to a state intermediate court of appeals. Issue: Whether Bohlander had a sufficient minimum contact with Florida that Florida has jurisdiction over Bohlander, a Michigan resident. Decision:
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Unformatted text preview: Reversed and remanded Reasoning: Dean claimed that Bohlander owned property in Florida and was engaged in the marketing transaction, and he presented documents and statements of sales transaction as evidences. However, other than selling and marketing the yacht in Florida, there was no sworn evidence that Bohlander had sufficient contacts with Florida to meet due process requirements. Bohlander also stated that the substantial services relating to the sale occurred in Ohio, where he met the buyer, wrote the contract and used Ohio broker to handle the transaction, not Florida. Thus Florida did not have jurisdiction over Bohlander....
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