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Physics122SyllabusMainSpring 2009withlabs

Physics122SyllabusMainSpring 2009withlabs - Physics 122...

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Physics 122 Syllabus Main Campus Spring 2009 T & Th from 1:10 PM to 2:30 PM Instructor : Professor Ted Mihalisin email: [email protected] Prerequisites : 2 semesters of calculus and the completion of Physics 121 with a grade of C- or higher. Disabilities : Students with special needs due to a disability should contact me no later than Feb 5, 2008. Tuesday Thursday Lab for the week Jan.20_ Ch. 21 Charge & E Jan.22_ Ch. 22 Gauss's Law no lab Jan.27_ Ch.23 Potential Jan.29_ Ch.23 Potential lab 24 CRT Feb.3_ Ch. 24 Capacitance Feb.5_ Ch. 25 Current lab 28 E Fields Feb.10_ Ch. 26 DC Circuits Feb.12_ Ch. 26 DC Circuits no lab Feb.17_ Ch. 27 Magnetic Fields & Forces Feb.19_ Ch. 27 Magnetic Fields & Forces lab 30 Circuits Feb.24_ Ch. 28 Sources of Magnetic Fields Feb.26_ Ch. 29 Magnetic Induction lab 31 Ohm's law Mar.3_ Ch. 29 Induction Mar.5_ Mid-term on Chapters 21-29 no lab Mar.10_ Spring Break Mar.12_ Spring Break no lab Mar.17_ Ch.30 Inductance Mar.19_ Ch. 31 AC Circuits lab 36 Ray Optics Mar.24_ Ch.32 E-M Waves Mar.26_ Ch. 33 Light lab 37 Lenses Mar.31_ Ch.34 Optics Apr.2_ Ch.35 Interference
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