Poes Sleeper vs Wordsworths Seven

Poes Sleeper vs Wordsworths Seven - Steve Cameron English...

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Steve Cameron English 101 Professor DeProspo Poe’s “The Sleeper” versus Wordsworth’s “We Are Seven” In Wordsworth’s “We Are Seven,” the little girl presents an unconventional view of death because of her age . She denies the idea of death through her words and actions throughout the poem . “We are Seven” compares a child’s view and defiance of death to an adult’s more conventional view of the topic, and asks the question, who is right? In “We Are Seven,” the little girl is aware that two of her siblings are dead . She says “the first that dies was little Jane,” and “My brother John was forced to go,/ And he lies by her side .” She doesn’t accept their deaths as an end, however . Instead, she continues to treat them as though they are still alive; “And there upon the ground I sit-/I sit and sing to them .” By speaking to them, she is implying that they can still hear and understand what she is saying, almost like death is a semi-conscious state of being .
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Though the little girl is the only one who explicitly states that she still believes that the children are alive, she implies that this is a common idea or notion among children . When Jane first dies, all of the little girls siblings played around her grave in order to keep her company . She was not scared of the notion of death, instead she embraces . Death does not imply a physical or spiritual loss to the little girl, since she can still talk to, eat supper with, and play with her siblings . Wordsworth endorses the little girl’s arithmetic through his use of the title “We Are Seven” . The poem takes and accepts the position of the little girl, rather than the speaker who questions the girl’s insistence that the family is still made of 7 members, not just the 5 that are still alive . We are encouraged to believe the little girl in the poem contrary to the evidence in the poem . The title also endorses the little girl’s point of view through its use of the present tense “are” . The little girl does not say “we were seven,” instead she openly uses and insists that “we are seven .” She still continues to view her siblings as being living members of the family unit . The speaker of the poem is clearly moved by this little girl’s assessment,
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Poes Sleeper vs Wordsworths Seven - Steve Cameron English...

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