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Judging Science Fiction

Judging Science Fiction - present or future Plausibility is...

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Steve Cameron 1/21/09 Science Fiction: Film’s Final Frontier Science Fiction is a special genre of film in that it allows you to open your mind to a new world of possibilities. Originality and plausibility are the two most important criteria when judging a science fiction film. Re-telling the same story over and over or exploring the same phenomenon repeatedly makes a science fiction film boring and predictable. A truly original work of science fiction puts a new twist on some reality, or explores new possibilities of the past,
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Unformatted text preview: present, or future. Plausibility is also vital to the success of a science fiction film. The plausibility of a film is the defining factor between science fiction and fantasy. It is the films plausibility that makes us ask questions and search for answers and alternatives. A science fiction film is best judged by its originality and plausibility, and best judged by those with a mind open to new and challenging ideas....
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