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COM EXAM - :Guidelines for ordering the ides in a speech...

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Ryan Thurman Civility: to be open minded Public Dialogue :ethical and civil exchange of ideas and opinions among communities about topics that affect the public. EthicalPublicSpeaker: speaker who considers the moral impact of his or her ideas and arguments on others when involved in the public dialogue . IntrapersonalCommunication -Communication with ourselves via the dialogue that goes on in our heads. MassCommunication :Communication generated by media organizations that is designed to reach large audiances. PublicCommunication :Communication generated be media organizations that is designed to reach large audiances. AudianceCentered :Considerate of the positions,beliefs,values,and needs of an audience. Canon :Authoritative list, an accecpted principle or rule,or an established standard of judgement. CanonofInvention :Guidelines for generating effective content for a speech CanonofArrangement
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Unformatted text preview: :Guidelines for ordering the ides in a speech. CanonofMemory :Guidelines for your efforts to rehearse a speech and the ways you prompt yourself to remember the speech as you give it. CanonofDelivery :Guidelines for managing your voice,gestures,posture,facial expression,and presentational aids as you give your speech. CommunicationApprehension :Level of fear or anxiety associated with either real or anticipated communication with another person or persons. TraitAnxiety :Apprehension about communicating with other in any situation. SystematicDesensitization : Technique for reducing anxiety that involves teaching your body to fell calm and relaxed rather than fearful during your speeches Visualization :Process in which you constreuct a mental image of yourself giving a speech . CognitiveRestructuring :Process that helps reduce anxiety by replacing negative thoughts...
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