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GRY 108 Study Guide - for Conservationists/Reserve...

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George Perkins Marsh -“prophet of Conservation”,Geographer,Lawyer,diplomat Wrote Man and Nature Romantic Era Edward Abbey- writer, Arches National Park. Said “Only a fool would leave the enjoyment of rainbows to the opticians. Or give the science of optics the last word on the matter”. Wrote The Monkey Wrench Game Thomas Henry Huxly - English Bioligist, “Darwin's Bulldog" wrote Evidence on Man's Place in Nature Henry Thoreau -writer, political activists, transcendentalists. Wrote Walder, On the Duty of Civil Disobediance , The Main Woods Romantic Era John Muir -writer,geologists,hiker,activists. Founder of Sierra Club. Active in creation of Yosemite. Romantic Era Gifford Pinchot -Professional Forester, Figure head
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Unformatted text preview: for Conservationists/Reserve Pragmatists. Coined the term “the greatest good for the greatest number” Romantic Era Theodore Roosevelt- first “conservationists president”, first progressive president/Trust-Buster signed Antiques Act—friends with Gifford Pinchot Rachel Carson- wrote The Sea Around Us and Silent Spring –Modern Environmentalism Aldo Leopold-founder of the Wilderness Society wrote Thinking Like a Mountain and Sand Country Almanac David Brower- executive director of Sierra Club,Friends of the earth, and earth Island Institute. Modern environmentalism Wangari Maathai-founded Green Belt Movement, Modern Environmentalism Al Gore- Nobel Peace Prize winner....
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