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Jasmine Khaleel ENGL 1302 04/21/2008 Hollywood has changed through the years, but even today it retains the enthralling effect on audiences it did during the “Golden Age.” Hollywood culture has become its own separate entity over the years and has been portrayed in films such as Sunset Boulevard, Singing in the Rain and novels like Day of the Locusts . Throughout American History, movies and Hollywood have been strong representations of history, a popular form of entertainment, as well as providing entertainment for the rest of America through celebrity worship. Since the late 1920s, Hollywood culture has become increasingly important to Americans, which is shown even in films made by Hollywood.
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Unformatted text preview: I Introduction II Hollywood III Culture within Hollywood A. Day of the Locusts B. Sunset Boulevard C. Singing in the Rain V. Americanization and portrayal of America through Hollywood A. Westernization of Global concepts in 1950s. B. War Movies C. Hollywood History- romanticism of historical events through film VI. Hollywood A. History 1. Golden Age of Hollywood B. Portrayal through Media 1. Sunset Boulevard- Norma and celebrities who have been built into the Hollywood image, only to be cast out as obsolete; afterward, they have no other skills or talents and have no other place for a job. 2. Celebrities of today. VII. Conclusion...
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