finalexamterms - Extended office hour Blake C Tuesday 10:30...

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Extended office hour Blake C Tuesday 10:30 – 12:30 Exam is Friday 6:45, bring 1 or 2 blue books Rights revolution- individual rights based liberalism, civil rights, gay rights, talking about protecting individual rights, recognizing individuals as being categorized in separate groups, want government to be there as a guardian of these rights. Conservs complain of government being taken over by special interests, meaning minorities, feminists, environmentalists Liberalism- original liberalism based on rights and freedoms of people as opposed to rights of kings, individualistically centered liberalism, were of a negative sense- told government for what it couldn’t do (get in the way of religion, prevent double jeopardy) as era of large scale industrialization occurred, had small individuals and big corporation, started to get giant business firms with enormous amount of economic power so had reform liberalism which is still oriented toward individual rights of people, in order to get that freedom group oriented way of looking at things needs to be put into effect, more positive type of freedom, telling government what it should do to protect common people against economic entities, new deal liberalism example of Liberals believed that system is generally sound wheras radicals believe that system is so flawed it needs to be replaced Conservatism- reaction against liberalism of the day, whatever left reformers are doing on any given day Traditionalism- defending things the way they are, the way they have been, or the way people THINK they have always been, many times nostalgia is wrapped up in that. Recognizes that over slow course of time, things change slowly and not necessarily by social movements. Fundamentalism- there are absolute truths that apply to everyone, unalterable -Diversity- consensus society, ideal is that people come from different places and they are melted and homogenized, everyone thinks the same way so no fighting. Since most people wehre on the
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finalexamterms - Extended office hour Blake C Tuesday 10:30...

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