studyguide - (no Pullman strike) Plutocracy: Tramp:...

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(no Pullman strike) Plutocracy: Tramp : unemployed male transient Jane Addams/Hull House : Hull House, also called a settlement house, started in Chicago. It provided social services to the poor. Workers there were de facto social workers. Significant that Addams was a woman because in those times people wanted to preserve gender roles, they had to get married before could do work but Addams wasn’t married. At this time women’s colleges were being founded, she was well educated by standards of that day Progressivism : turning belief system of PR into an ideology. Society can continually and consciously improve itself by using the government as a force for positive change. Muckraking : coined by TR originally used as derogatory term, weird because TR supported most of the things they were talking about but didn’t like that they stirred up passions. Reform oriented investigative journalists Social gospel : respectable middle class congregations who thought that they had a Christian obligation to help the poor Federal trade commission : Created under Wilson’s administration. Created to do anti-trust enforcement without having to file anti-trust lawsuits. Federal reserve board is the central bank
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studyguide - (no Pullman strike) Plutocracy: Tramp:...

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