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Unformatted text preview: -Preindustrial state level society, religion important in enforcing sanctions-maya: political and religious system intertwined-some people think that collapse came from the loss of faith in religion system, same way for Mesopotamians, leaders seen as being gods themselves-negative sanctions: what happens to people who do things they aren’t supposed to-many cases, kind of warfare where in the past they would have had raids, don’t do it today-in terms of modern industrial states, religion important-warfare hallmark of state level societies-imperialism: one civilization taking over another-when states take over other states, multiethnic countries and states-forms of resistance: may need to conform outright, but can resist promotion of policies in a way that is allowable, as in Chili, where a lot of men and boys (mainly political prisoners) and women could put pictures to dresses and dance-religion, first evidence of: Neanderthals burying dead, at least 40k years old, upper Paleolithic...
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