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Readings covered on the Exam: pp. 2-24 pp. 25-65 pp. 66-101; 180 pp. 101-142; 172- 189 Terms: Archaeology : is the study of the material remains of the past. Absolute Dating : radiocarbon, potassium-argon, dendrochronology Miocene : lasted from 23.5 to 5.2 mya. Mountain ranges like the Alps formed; the climate became cooler. Continental drift linked Africa and Arabia with Europe and Asia. There were many new mammal species. [more below] Holocene : 10,000 BC to present [more below pg. 192] Hominins / Hominoids : Ardipithecus ramidus : 4.5-4.3 mya (maybe 5.7-5.8 mya) Sites: Aramis 4.5 mya- Fragments from 17 individuals
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Unformatted text preview: As Duma 4.5-4.3 mya; at least 9 individuals found Small; thin enameled teeth, skull close to the size of chimpanzees Gracile vs . Robust Australopithecines : Gracile Australopithecus africanus (3 mya) was found only in South Africa, found by Raymond Dart. Robust includes A. aethiopicus, A. boisei and A. robustus . Homo erectus : Anatomically Modern Humans: Archaeology Field Techniques: Acheulean Industries: Mousterian Industries: Taung: Hunting vs. Scavenging: Swartkrans: Uebeidiya/ Dmanisi: Sima de los Huesos : Peopling of the Americas : Mammoths/Mastodons/ Megafauna:...
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