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Kathie Mai World Civilization Wednesday Recitation November 7, 2007 Africa is the second largest continent; it has five climatic zones. The area Africa is located, rainfall is very unpredictable. The climate in Africa is tropical; climates changes from northern to southern parts of Arica and it also depends on the regions. Climate and geography affected the development of sub-Sahara West African society because unlike earlier civilizations, they hunted and gathered. In Africa, they had tropical forests which were use for hunting and
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Unformatted text preview: gathering but now, its used for grain-based agriculture. Since Africa is so close to the equator, it was often that volcanic mountains were around. Geographically, Africa is mostly made of deserts. Since Africa is considered one of the richest habitats. The Savanna is humid and tropical that goes from West Africa and also along central Africa. Since Africa was mostly tropical, the region is around rivers lakes and it helped with the economic growth especially with fishing....
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