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India and China- 9.26 - important factor of their everyday...

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Kathie Mai World Civilization-Section 111J Wednesday Recitation September 26 th , 2007 During 500-200 B.C.E., the Golden age of Chinese philosophy was know later as “Hundred Schools of Thoughts.” At this time, it Indian sages and mystics were also being developing the religious theory about karma, souls, and eons at the same time when Chinese philosophers were disputing about the political and social organization and the man’s connection to nature. Similarly to India, they also had a golden age. During their golden age, religion was a big part of their lives. Even though they religion was developed in different times, both India and China had similarities and differences. The Chinese civilization had a period of time called the Shang Dynasty. At this time, kings were served as priest, and great wealth was invested in the complex bronze. After Shang Dynasty was overthrown after 1050 B.C.E, social and cultural change occurred. Religion was an
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Unformatted text preview: important factor of their everyday life. Confucius, was one who seek influences the rulers during the Age of Chinese philosophy. One similarity India was, they both had a golden age. During the golden age, they had beliefs in their own god. The difference between the two countries is because during the China’s golden age, they believed in Confucianism. But in India’s time period, they believed both in Christianity and Hinduism. Even though they both have the same idea of being polytheistic, they believed in different gods. But, the message still got across to people. Different countries and different culture brings people different beliefs in they country. Depending on where you are when you practice religion, you end up believing in a different type of religion. Religion still got around to people both in India and in China....
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India and China- 9.26 - important factor of their everyday...

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