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Political Participation Chapter 8 Forms of Participation: * Lobbying is defined as communication with legislators or other government officials to try to influence their decisions; an attempt to determine what those in power will do; *Used by grass-roots organizations to put pressure on Washington. *Constituents write, fax, and e-mail their legislators. Political Participation * Public Relations use of mass propaganda *Interest groups influence public opinion through mass-publicity campaigns using television and print media. *With the help of public relations firms, an interest group can use all the latest techniques of Madison Avenue. Political Participation * Litigation is an attempt to seek relief in a court of law *Class action lawsuits *Friend of the Court Briefs (amicus curiae) Political Participation * Protest involves citizens assembling to confront government. *Protected by the First Amendment *Peaceful protest recognized as legitimate and important form of political activity VOTING *The fundamental way that people influence government is through the ballot box. *American voters choose among candidates, parties, and sometimes, alternate policies.
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ANP Political Participation Presentation - Political...

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