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Davy Kim Composition 4 April 17, 2007 How many problems can television censorship bring to our children lives and us each day? As you know, our parents teach us all good things such as how to write, read, speak and respect other. When it comes to what is good and bad on TV, government should have the guiding to children watch. If the governement cenor violence on TV, parent don’t have to worry about what their children are watching. Furthermore, children are under age don’t have a lot of freedom to choose what they want to see on TV because they are still under the control. Therefore, the government should censor all violence from TV for children. The first reason violence should be censored is kids can learn and repeat the
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Unformatted text preview: violence action saw on TV. How do kids repeat violence? Violence in television programs is bad for children to see. After children watch violence on TV, they will play too powerful and confident about themselves. So violence programs influence children’s behavior. According to Meltzoff, “He had found fourteen-month-old infants could watch an unfamiliar toy being destroyed on television and repeated the actions twenty-four hours later. Children learn by imitating what they see others doing.” Because children see a character doing something violent and funny, they figured out that it is acceptable for them to do it too. In fact, children are easily influence by what they watch on TV....
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