Civil Rights - Civil Rights Chapter 5 Civil Rights defined:...

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Civil Rights Chapter 5 Civil Rights defined: legal or moral claims for protection that citizens are entitled to make upon the government Whereas civil liberties concern those things that governments cannot do to citizens, civil rights involve citizens appealing to the government to protect them from other citizens, social actors, or some aspect of the government itself. The Legal Basis of Civil Rights The “Civil War amendments” to the Constitution are an important basis for civil rights protection in the United States. *The 13 th Amendment abolished slavery. *The 15 th Amendment guaranteed voting rights for all males. *Most directly, the 14 th Amendment provides the basis for national government protection of rights. The Fourteenth Amendment Just as the 14 th Amendment was the basis for the selective incorporation of the Bill of Rights, interpretations of its equal protection clause similarly are the basis of many of the debates of civil rights. Equal protection clause: “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall … deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Again similar to the process of selective incorporation, the Supreme Court’s decision in the 1873 Slaughterhouse Cases circumscribed the importance of the 14 th Amendment by arguing that the Amendment was aimed at forbidding the laws that had been used against slaves and other African Americans prior to the
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Civil Rights - Civil Rights Chapter 5 Civil Rights defined:...

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