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Constitution Framework - Two Treaties of Government John...

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Two Treaties of Government John Locke *Basic Law of Nature – SURVIVAL *God constitutes order of law *Law of Nature subject to Law of Nature *Government is established only to improve the State of Nature *Social Contract – CONSTITUTION *Natural Rights belongs to the individual; government can not take away or violate The Influence of John Locke *No one should be subjected to political power of another without his own consent; government is limited by consent of the governed. *These ideas-dangerous in the age of the divine right of kings-are directly reflected in the Declaration of Independence. A Growing Sense of Injury *In the eyes of the crown, Colonists were seen only as economic support. *A number of factors encouraged conflict and later revolt. *Colonists were expected to pay for British military protection. *Colonists subordinated their own economic desires to the needs of London's economy. *They had no representation in parliament ("Taxation without Representation"). A Growing Sense of Injury *A series of laws held a tight grip on trade and colonial exports. *Committees of Correspondence were formed in 1772 to unite the colonies. *The First Continental Congress met in 1774. *War began April, 1775. *Second Continental Congress met in 1775. *June 1776: Thomas Jefferson pens the Declaration of Independence. We Hold These Truths . . . The Articles of Confederation *Declaration of Independence proclaimed the colonies "free and independent states." *The colonies adopted new constitutions, or changed their old charters to eliminate references to the British crown. *When Richard Henry Lee offered a resolution for independence in 1776, he proposed a "plan of confederation": a group of independent states united for a common purpose. The Articles of Confederation *The Articles of Confederation (1781-1789) became the written framework for the government of the original thirteen states.
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*Articles created a weak national government dominated by the states. *Ratified by March, 1781, and were in effect when the war ended in October. *Established a "league of friendship" among the states. The Articles of Confederation *No executive branch existed. *Congress was a unicameral body with the power to: *establish executive departments, declare war, conduct foreign policy *ask for revenues, borrow and coin money, and equip and staff a navy *each state only had one vote, and all actions required the consent of nine states *No national system of courts existed. *Major weaknesses: no power to levy taxes, regulate commerce, or enforce its limited
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Constitution Framework - Two Treaties of Government John...

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