Roman Empire- 10.17 - Kathie Mai World Civilization...

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Kathie Mai World Civilization Wednesday Recitation October 17 th , 2007 During the time of the Byzantine Empire, it was economically weakened. Invasions were very easily happened. The empire started to lose ethnic origins, language, and religion. Though, Christianity was still around during that period. There are contributions to help Western Europe gain their religious background back. Since religion is a big part of society, it helps them gain power in their empire. In Western Europe, they had contributions that helped them strengthen their empire. Christianity it is a monotheistic system that practices the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus. Christianity was developed by the people in the society. By the name of Cistercian and Victorine has contributed to the development of Catholic mysticism. In the Council of Chalcedon declared Christ has two natures; a divine one and a human one; inviolably united without division or separation in one person. Christianity is so significant because, theses authors had
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Roman Empire- 10.17 - Kathie Mai World Civilization...

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