lsrael law- 9.12 - worshipping instead of a god this set of...

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Kathie Mai World Civilization-Section 111J Wednesday Recitation September 12 th , 2007 The Covenant is a formal agreement between Yahweh and the Hebrew people. Yahweh, who was a Medieval Latin, became know as “Jehovah.” Yahweh meant god of Israel. In order for the Jewish religion to be understood, the Jewish people would go by this concept of the Covenant. The Yahweh made this covenant with the Hebrews. They were monotheistic. The way the Hebrews treated this Covenant was like obeying the Ten Commandments; it was represented as an “ethical code” for their society. The Hebrews took this “agreement” seriously as a great part of how religion works out in their society. They believed in one god; and that spread. Believing in Yahweh’s worship, they think it would lead them out of bondage in Egypt and also protect them for their enemies. Trusting this set of code, they believed in Yahweh and
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Unformatted text preview: worshipping instead of a god, this set of laws could change the way the society do things. Yahweh represented more than one god. He was their leader who they looked upon and worshipped. Some people criticize the Covenant because there is no god that they have to follow in. This leader Yahweh was chosen for these people to be an example for the people. Since he is not really a “god,” others might think it is insane to believe in this person because, they believe god should be believed because he is god. Different kinds of people have the right to believe in different gods or leaders. In this case in the Israel’s law of covenant was believed by the Hebrews that it can lead them to a better society. There fore these people looked up to Yahweh....
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lsrael law- 9.12 - worshipping instead of a god this set of...

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