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Spread of Buddhism- 10.25

Spread of Buddhism- 10.25 - quickly Buddhism was a huge...

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Kathie Mai World Civilization-Section 111J Wednesday Recitation October 25 th , 2007 The spread of Buddhism started in the East Asia during 256 B.C.E – 800 C.E. The spread of Buddhism help to create visual images and ideas in life. It spread too many different places such as Central Asia to China, Korea and Japan. At the same time, Christianity was spreading at the same time Buddhism was being broaden. During that time, recorded history, ethnic and cultural diversity was around. Buddhism began to spread in Central Asia under Ashoka. Buddhism was a replaced by Islam. It had translators text in Chinese, Parthians, Sogdians, and Kushans. It was very widespread. Buddhism was believed by many people after the fall of the Han dynasty. This religion didn’t have much forceful conversions, it just spread
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Unformatted text preview: quickly. Buddhism was a huge impact on visual arts in China such as sculptures and paintings. Even missionaries from Central Asia brought Buddhism to China on construction and decoration. The areas that Buddhism was widely spread were civilizations such as Persia, India, and China. Since it was under Ashoka, Kashan Empire influenced Greek art from artists who illustrated the Buddha in human form which spread in India. I think Buddhism was so widespread because many people believed in Buddhism, the information they shared with other people without forcing them to join this religion, slowly Buddhism got across to people....
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