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homework_Physics 485 Fall 2008 HW5 - 2 E& R Problem 6-32...

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B. DeMarco PHYSICS 485 Fall 2008 Problem Set #5—due Thursday, October 9 1. Consider an electron in the finite square well potential shown. (a) How many bound energy levels will there be? (b) Find the energy of the bound states and sketch their wavefunctions. (You will have to solve a transcendental equation, which you can do graphically, numerically, or by guessing iteratively). (c) Sketch the wavefunction for E = 2 meV.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. E & R Problem 6-32. Pendulum . 3. A harmonic oscillator of mass m and spring constant C is prepared in a superposition of the ground state and the first excited states with equal amplitudes at t = 0. (a) Find 〈 E 〉 . (b) Find 〈 x(t) 〉 and 〈 x 2 (t) 〉 and plot them vs. time. Compare to a classical harmonic oscillator. 100 nm V(x) 1 meV x...
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