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B. DeMarco PHYSICS 485 Fall 2008 Problem Set #7—due Thursday, October 30 1. Consider an electron in the n=3, =0 state of the hydrogen atom: (a) Sketch the wavefunction. (b) Find the expectation value of the radius of the electron. (c) Find the radius at which the probability density is a maximum. (d) Find the expectation value of the potential energy. 2. E&R Problem 7.12. Angular dependence of the probability density for
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Unformatted text preview: =2, m =0 . 3. E&R Problem 7.14. Summed probability density for n=3. 4. E&R Problem 8.5. Stern-Gerlach experiment. 5. Angular momentum and the spin-orbit interaction. (a) Find all of the possible values of j and m j for =3, s=1/2 . (b) Draw a vector diagram showing the allowed angular momentum states. (c) Calculate the energy levels and their degeneracy in the presence of spin-orbit interaction (Dirac formula)....
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