China techonological - 10.31

China techonological - 10.31 - because it traveled across...

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Kathie Mai World Civilization Wednesday Recitation October 31 th , 2007 There are factors that enabled and limited China’s technological development during the 200-1500AD. Since China is such a widespread country, it was easy to establish these technological developments in a short period of time. The Chinese’s way of “hunting and gathering” was for nomad horsemen to shoot arrows while riding horseback. Even since they people were young, they would learn how to horseback because herds were tended by horseback riding. The economy was based on raising animals such as sheep, goats, camels, and horses. Families would migrate to the north in the summer and south in the winter to find places to graze land. The Silk trade was very common during global trade. Silk was an international trading item. Even it was imported places to be used as clothing or as beauty. The silk trade was popular
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Unformatted text preview: because it traveled across Asia and Europe. China was involved because they had silkworms that would process in their cocoons. The development of the sea route between Western Europe and China allowed importing or large quantities of China’s silk and raw silk. During this time, also the development of tributary system was established to regulate contact with foreign powers which states and tribes allowed gifts and receive gifts in return. After all those economical developments occurred, One of Han’s most significant development was paper. Chinese invented paper from fibers of rags, hemp, bark, and other scraps into paper. It was a better development other than papyrus because it was easier to produce....
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China techonological - 10.31 - because it traveled across...

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