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Group Portion Finished_Solutions - S.W.O.T ANALYSI S Lowe's...

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Unformatted text preview: S.W.O.T ANALYSI S Lowe's Customer Ser vice:-Benchmark for cust omer ser vice in home improvement industr y through maintenance, signage, and display upgr-Concentrating on ser vices for installations in over 40 different products . Self-Checkout:-Lowe's has self-checkout aisles in over 400 stores and plans t o have 250 more implement ed in stores within the ye H ome Depot M ar ket shar e : #1 Home improvement retailer #2 t o Wal-Mar t in overall retail-2150 stores-45,000 types of products-Largest garden-selling distr ibutor I nter national M ar kets:-61 stores in Mexico, 155 in Canada, 12 st ores in china from acquisition of The Home Way ouble the annual sales of Lowe's. While Lowe's recently opened their first st ore in Canada t o enter the inter national mar S.W.O.T ANALYSI S H ome Depot Poor Customer Ser vice:-Concentration on volume and market saturation take away from specificities of more customer ser vice. H igh Debt :-Debt-t o-equity ratio is extremely high when compared t o industr y average and t op competit ors. ence: d solely depend on the economy and sales growth of one nation. Losing on oppor tunities t o gain revenue and market share have been substantially weak in compar ison t o industr y averages and t op competit ors as a result of inefficient manageme nancial debt situation. On the other hand, Lowe's has excellent cust omer ser vice, but due to the lack of expansion in the S.W.O.T ANALYSI S H ome Depot -12 st ores already in Chinese Home I mprovement Market with $50 Billion value with a 20% annual growth rate-Entered int o convenience and fuel sales market. -E-commerce sales increase by over 26% within past year for increasing the online product line t o 18,000. al markets t o Canada, Mexico, and China. xpansion from small and medium sized markets to large, metropolit an areas. easing which will increase revenue and profit margin by cutting back on operating costs. ors decisions made by women for households. pulation will be over 65 years old, which means that Lowe’s ser vice industr y may see great retur ns on the company’s focus ng behind, having just recently opened their first st ore outside of the United Stat es. This st ore, locat ed in Canada, looks to S.W.O.T ANALYSI S ome Depot erall decline of GDP in the US economy will cut purchasing power of cust omers, which will ultimat ely effect revenue growt using Market slump due to increased int erest rates up to 5.25%. rgers and Acquisitions will create a highly-competitive market for Home Depot....
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Group Portion Finished_Solutions - S.W.O.T ANALYSI S Lowe's...

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