PS4 - Problem Set #4 Business Finance (03075 & 03085)...

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Problem Set #4 Business Finance (03075 & 03085) Please note that you do not have to submit your answers. They will not be graded. But, similar questions will appear in the quiz. Answer keys will be uploaded at Blackboard soon. 1. ( NPV & IRR ) Consider two mutually exclusive R&D projects that ADM is considering. Assume the discount rate for ADM is 15 percent. Project A : Server CPU .13 micron processing project (by shrinking the die size to .13 micron, ADM will be able to offer server CPU chips with lower power consumption and heat generation, meaning faster CPU’s) Project B : New telecom chip project (Entry into this industry will require introduction of a new chip for cell phones. The know-how will require a lot of upfront capital, but success of the project will lead to large cash flows later on) Year Project A Project B 0 -$100,00 -$200,000 1 50,000 60,000 2 50,000 60,000 3 40,000 60,000 4 30,000 100,000 5 20,000 200,000 a. (2 point) Which project would one accept if one uses the IRR rule? [
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PS4 - Problem Set #4 Business Finance (03075 & 03085)...

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