The Last of the Mohicans - Todd Gable Cooper, James F. The...

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Todd Gable Cooper, James F. The Last of the Mohicans . New York: Dover Publications, 2003. Pages 336 The Last of the Mohicans The story takes place in the late 1750’s, during the French and Indian War. General Montcalm of the French allied up with several Native American Indian tribes, and started moving his army south to attack the British at Fort William Henry in hopes of taking over. An Indian scout by the name of Magua hears word about the attack of Fort William Henry and passed it on to British General Webb, to whom Magua is loyal. Webb then sends troops to reinforce Colonel Munro, and dispatched the young Major Heyward to escort his daughters Alice and Cora Munro on their journey to visit him. When the daughters left Magua agreed to guide Heyward and General Webb’s daughters to Fort William Henry, through a shortcut only known by the Indians. Soon after they left Fort Edward, they meet a stranger by the name of David Gamut who is a psalmodist, one who worships the singings of the Old Testament psalms. Cora likes David Gamut, and he joins their group and sings a song native to New England. Magua disrupts Gamut’s performance and tells Heyward they must be silent since hostile Indian tribes fill the forest. Major Heyward then looks around the forest looking for Indians. He doesn’t see them because they are hiding up in the tree branches. The story then introduces two more characters Hawkeye, a white hunter, and Chingachgook, a Mohican ally. Hawkeye wears a hunting shirt, a skin cap, and buckskin leggings. He carries a knife, a pouch, a horn, and a long rifle. Chingachgook is almost naked and covered in war-paint and carries a short rifle and a tomahawk. Chingachgook and his son were the only remaining members of the Mohican tribe. Soon after, Chingachgook’s son Uncas emerges. Uncas had been trailing the enemies of the Mohicans, the Maquas. Chingachgook then hears the sound of horses approaching. Heyward and the rest of his bunch come upon Hawkeye. Hawkeye stops them and questions the group. Heyward and Gamut told Hawkeye that Magua, their guide, has gotten them lost in the forest. Hawkeye thinks this is suspicious, because an Indian doesn’t get lost in the forest, it’s their home. Hawkeye then learns that
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The Last of the Mohicans - Todd Gable Cooper, James F. The...

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