Non-Western Civ. - Key Terms Full list India Ancient...

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Key Terms - Full list India- Ancient era (3000-500 b.c.) Indus & Ganges Rivers - agriculture, Ganges holy to Hindus (like Nile to Egyptians). Aryans - Indo European, central Asia, pastoralists, cattle, they migrate to India and take over the Dravidians land. Origin of the cast system, first casts were Aryans and Dravidians, first distinction made because of skin color. Their holy writings were called sutras. Bhagavad-Gita - Holy Book, Ancient India, Sanscript, primacy of dharma(duty) Dharma - duty to village, cast, and family. Hinduism - basics; we are all gods and will return to the god essence. The world is suffering. In order to release suffering, reincarnation until released from bad karma. Caste System - 1. Brahmins (males), top of 4 Moksha - release from reincarnation into the god essence. Sati - India- Classical Era (500 BC- 500 AD) Mauryan Dynasty - first dynasty to mostly unite India, founded by Chandragupta Maurya. Pataliputra it’s capital was largest city. It ends with the advocacy of Buddhism in a predominantly Hindu society, upset Brahmins. Ashoka - expanded empire through conquest, then turned changed course and renounced violence. Became a Buddhist with religious toleration. Sent out first Buddhist missionaries. Created road system. Gupta Dynasty - Hinduism state religion. Trade w/ the Roman axaEmpire.
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Nolanda University - founded by Gupta Dynasty. Lasted 700 years. Known for math and astronomy. Plastic surgery, dyes, steel, pharmaceuticals. Avitars - incarnation of god. Flexibility. Can absorb many gods. Jainism - break the cycle of reincarnation(shortcut). Everything has a soul. Ahisma, non-violent. Opposed the caste system. Preview of Buddhism. Siddhartha Gautama - Buddha, enlightened one. Four noble truths - 1. existence is suffering. 2. Suffering is created by desire. 3. Eliminate desire, eliminate suffering. 4. 8 fold path to nirvana. 8-fold path - 1. Right Knowledge 2. Purpose 3. Speech 4. Conduct 5. Occupation 6. Effort 7. Awareness 8. Meditation(yoga). Process by which you eliminate desire. Hinayana & Mahayana - Hinayana = more strict, south east asia- burma, Thailand, Cambodia. Mahayana = less strict - china, japan, korea, bigger sect. people can help you. Tradition vs. Change I - muyai emp. - islamic Akbar - tax system. Expanding territory. Abolished slavery-imported Aurangzeb - non muclisms persecuted and taxed, destroyed hindu temples. Built mosques on temple sites. Tradition versus Change II
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Non-Western Civ. - Key Terms Full list India Ancient...

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