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Notes for Final - Today Writing Systems/Literacy Writing is...

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2/13/06 Today: Writing Systems/Literacy Writing is the derivative of speech Speech is more rich Tone of voice Emotion e.g. text messaging/email try to convey speech, but can’t Non-literate societies have oral traditions Literate societies have texts Writing Systems Graphs – any unit of written language 1. Logographic writing – writing in which graphs stand for words Rebus Principle – graphs are borrowed to represent new words with he same sounds, regardless of what the graph originally meant 2. Phonographic writing – writing in which graphs stand for sounds Syllabary – graphs stand for entire syllables Alphabetic – graphs stand for individual sounds Evolution of Sumerian writing Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets History of Alphabet Writing is more conservative in relation to spoken language Writing Systems keep uniform Plato said that writing is inferior to spoken language Today is the opposite Literacy is “A set of “reading and writing practices governed by a conception of what, how, when and why to read and write” Landshear, 1987 “One who can read a newspaper, write a simple letter in any language and master the basic use of numbers” UNESCO, current Tale of Genji – oldest novel known 3/15/06 Movie – Teaching adults to read Illiterates – memorize/code in order to get by Nerve wrecking/sad Takes courage to speak up Depends on the people teaching Scared to reveal Learning disability, abuse, no family support Too many kids in the class, lack of early schooling 3/20/06
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Explicit – direct clearly stated, undeniable Implicit – applied, often could plausibly be denied Assertions: declare info explicitly: 1. the sun is shining 2. it’s raining outside 3. I like chocolate ice-cream Presuppositions – background assumptions embedded within sentence implicit: 1. the king of France is (not) bald 2. John (didn’t) did quit smoking “Accommodations” (David Lewis) 1. I used to think it was my fault that windows didn’t work properly Implied: apple has better quality than windows Presumption: windows don’t work properly 2. It’s time for congress to ix the welfare system Background assumptions are everywhere Implicatores: inferences not explicitly stated but arrived from surrounding context 1. You can’t beat the feeling! Implied meaning: drinking coke makes you feel good 2. You deserve a break today Implied meaning: M will alleviate your troubles Industry produced VNRs FCC warmy (2005 Center for Media and Democracy study (2006) FCC Commissioner Johanthen Adelstein (2006) Separation between Advertising/Editorial Sources and Voices of the media 1. What voices are present in the media? 2.
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Notes for Final - Today Writing Systems/Literacy Writing is...

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