Week 1 Geography

Week 1 Geography - General Geography and General Natural...

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Unformatted text preview: General Geography and General Natural Environment of Russia Natural Physical Geography BIG: covers 1/6 Earth’s land surface Made up of all varieties of terrain Touches most of continental Asia, the Middle East, and Europe Challenges of Physical Challenges Geography Geography Problems of Environment Only 15% arable land Precipitation is heaviest in regions where soil is poorest Rains tend to fall heaviest in the second half of summer Economic Consequences Poor soil, unreliable rainfall, and a short growing season results in low yield of crops Averages one bad harvest out of every three Early Russian peasants learned to support themselves by other kinds of income Social Consequences Structure of the peasant family and village Collective farming Villages consisted of communities, usually related, sharing joint ownership—and labor—of arable land Political Challenges Difficult to create a centralized state Difficulties in transportation and communication External situation required strong political and military organization Peoples of Early Peoples Russia Russia Scythians, 700-200 B.C. Occupied region from Danube to Don Rivers, and north of the Black Sea Nomadic lifestyle Excellent light cavalry, utilizing saddle, bows and arrows, and short swords Violent and aggressive “barbarians” The Slavs Slavs were those who settled in Kiev, after 8th century A.D. Origins of Slavs still unknown Brought together a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds United by a common language ...
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