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Week 2 Paganism

Week 2 Paganism - Paganism and Folk Belief Belief Slavic...

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Unformatted text preview: Paganism and Folk Belief Belief Slavic Pantheon Slavic Perun: chief deity of Slavic pantheon Dazhbog: a sun god Simargl: winged griffin or divine bird-dog Mokosh: goddess of fertility Domestic Spirits Domestic Domovoi: spirit protector of household Dvorovoi: spirit of the barnyard Bannik: spirit of the bathhouse Ovinnik: spirit of the threshing barn Nature Spirits Nature Leshi: spirit of the forest Vodianoi: spirit of the water Polevoi: spirit of the fields Rusalka: female water spirit/demon Russian Calendar Rituals Rituals Pagan Rituals Pagan Two types of rituals practiced among Two Russian peasants: Russian 1. Calendar Rituals: pertaining to fertility Calendar and the harvest and 2. Household Rituals: pertaining to Household transitions in life (birth, marriage, and death) death) Calendar Rituals Calendar Koliada: celebration of winter solstice Maslenitsa: week-long celebration in early Maslenitsa: spring spring Rusalnaya Week: week-long celebration in Rusalnaya late spring late Ivan Kupalo: celebration of summer Ivan solstice solstice Household Rituals Household Birth: rite of passage into life Marriage: rite of passage into a new life Death: rite of passage from this life into Death: the next the ...
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