Western Civilization mid-term

Western Civilization mid-term - Hammurabi &...

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Unformatted text preview: Hammurabi & code- Hammurabi (1792-1750), code of 282 laws of justice, and punishments depended on the social class of the victim Mesopotamia Polytheism- belief in or worship of more than on god Mesopotamia The Aegean Sea- opposite of the Bermuda Triangle Feudalism- 17 t h century defined differently among historians Hebrews 1200-1000BC believed prophets (holy men/leaders) were sent by god to serve as his voice and belief in one god monotheism Persian Empire- King Cyrus (559-530) and King Darius (521-486), hanging gardens Cyrus wife, Zoroastrianism belief in one god and bad deeds go to hell Muhammad (570-632AD) his teaching formed the basis for the Islam religion and followers were called Muslims, Islam spread rapidly Sparta- from Laconia boys were taken at age 7 for military and could fight at 20 and end at 60; at 30 could live at home. Killed babies that were different Athens people power was the beginning of democracy, overtook the Persians Pericles (450 BC) great politician reelected 15 years in a row and good leader for the Athenians...
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Western Civilization mid-term - Hammurabi &...

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