Western Civilization FINAL

Western Civilization FINAL - The Crusades (1096-1192)...

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Unformatted text preview: The Crusades (1096-1192) against Muslims, Slavs, Christians, Mongols by Christina Europe over military and religious conflicts Magna Carta 1215 King John was rebelled against and agreed to the Great Charter(MC) liberties regulating the relationship between the king and his vassals Black Death mid 14 th century was the most devastating natural disaster in Europe, it was a bubonic plague spread by black rats infested with fleas, killed 50-60 percent of its victims; killed about 19-38 million in 4 years Printing (1445) movable metal type, first true book produce was Gutenbergs Bible; by 1500 more than 1,000 printers in Europe and between 8- 10 million books in which 50% were religious Spiritual Exercises Loyola (1491-1556) wrote the book SE over 12 year span after being an injured soldier and said he would be a soldier of god John Calvin (1509-1564) published Institutes of the Christian Religion taught religion by the idea of giving absolute sovereignty of God developed ideas of Calvinism...
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Western Civilization FINAL - The Crusades (1096-1192)...

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