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VSC433 S08 Exam Four Key

VSC433 S08 Exam Four Key - 1 VSC433 Medical and Molecular...

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VSC433 Medical and Molecular Virology EXAM 4 Multiple Choice: 2 points each 1 In which situation can herpesvirus disseminate throughout the body? a. In some patients with AIDS b. As a consequence of transmission during birthing c. During immunosuppression for organ transplantation d. All of the above e. Herpesvirus does not disseminate 2 All retroviruses encode four genes always found in which order: a. pol, env, gag, pro . b. env, pro, pol, gag . c. gag, pol, pro, env . d. pro, gag, pol, env . e. gag, pro, pol, env. 3 “Provirus” can be defined as: a. The immmature virus before it matures immediately after release. b. The intracellular assembled virus prior to attaining an envelope. c. A defective virus genome packaged with a helper envelope. d. The integrated viral genome in the host chromosome. e. None of the above. 4 The retroviral dsDNA genome is integrated into the host chromosome: a. As a single recombinational event. b. At random. c. By a viral enzyme. d. And is essentially irreversible. e. All of the above 5 The E1A gene product of Adenovirus and the E6 and E7 gene products of HPV have the following similar functions: a. By binding to growth factor receptors, they signal the cell to grow. b. By binding to tumor suppressor factors, they signal the cell to grow. c. By inhibiting cellular protein synthesis, viral protein synthesis is enhanced d. All of the above. e. None of the above 6 In general, the retroviral gag polypeptide produces which protein(s): a. MA and CA b. Tat and Rev c. RT d. A and C 7 Adenoviruses cause: 1
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a. Enteritis b. Adenoma c. Respiratory tract infection d. A and D e. All of the above 8 Lentiviruses of animal and humans: a. Establish a lifelong infection b. Demonstrate a specific, but not exclusive tropism for macrophages c. Can be detected by reverse transcription d. A, B and C. 9 During temporal gene expression of large DNA viruses, the intermediate-early and/or early genes encode: a. Structural proteins. b. Regulatory proteins. c. DNA replication proteins. d. Transcriptase e. B, C, and D 10 Which accessory gene product increases the transport of retroviral unspliced or slightly spliced RNA into the cytoplasm? a.
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VSC433 S08 Exam Four Key - 1 VSC433 Medical and Molecular...

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