VSC433 S08 Exam Two Key

VSC433 S08 Exam Two Key - VSC/MIC/MCB 433 Medical and...

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VSC/MIC/MCB 433 Medical and Molecular Virology Spring 2008 Exam Two Multiple Choice: 2 points each. Enter your answers on the Scantron sheet. You can keep this part of the exam, so you may want to circle your answers on this too. 1. What animal is a reservoir of Hepatitis E? A. Cattle B. Oysters C. Sheep D. Pigs E. Chickens 2. The members of Picornaviridae are closely related; these genome organizations all contain: A. Four open reading frame regions B. A papain protease C. A 5’ cap D. A single protease E. A 5’ bound VPg 3. Which viral group can cross the placenta to result in fetal death, damage to motor neurons or a persistent infection based on when the infection occurs during gestation? A. Aphthovirus B. Astroviridae C. Alphavirus D. Pestivirus E. TBE group 4. The primary mosquito species involved in the transmission of Flaviviruses between humans is: A. Aedes albopictus B. Culex tarsalis C. Culiseta malanura D. Culex pipiens E . Aedes aegypti 5. Caliciviruses infect these types of mucosal epithelial cells: A. Villus crypt cells B. Monocytes C. The tips of villi cells D. Gut associated lymphoid tissue E. None of the above
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6. In the common general scheme of (+) ssRNA replication, the viral proteases: A. Act as helicase enzymes simultaneously B. Direct cleavage of polyproteins C. Stop cellular protein glycosylation D. Inactivate interferon E. All of the above 7. Along the pathogenic pathway for enteroviruses, which cells are always the target of infection. A. Motor neurons B. Cardiac muscle C. Hepatocytes D. Intestinal epithelial cells E. Peyer’s patch lymphocytes 8. How is Hepatitis C commonly transmitted? A.
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VSC433 S08 Exam Two Key - VSC/MIC/MCB 433 Medical and...

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