SAMPLE- quiz 3 - List of Architects Slide Identification A....

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List of Architects Slide Identification A. Kallman, McKinnell and Knowles B. Pietro Belluschi and Pier Luigi Nervi C. Le Corbusier D. Erik Bryggman E. Louis Kahn F. H. H. Richardson G. Robert Venturi H. Ragnar Ostberg I. Ralph Erskine J. Alvar Aalto K. James Stirling L. Jose Luis Sert M. Charles Moore N. Philip Webb O. Thomas Jefferson P. Michelangelo List of Building Names for Slide Identification 1. Stoughton House, Cambridge, Massachusetts 2. Glessner House, Chicago, Illinois 3. History Faculty, Cambridge, England 4. Exeter Library, Exeter, N.H. 5. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India 6. Baker House Dormitory, M.I.T., Cambridge, Massachusetts 7. Undergraduate Dormitory, M.I.T., Cambridge, Massachusetts 8. La Tourette Monastery, Lyon, France 9. “Red House,” Bexley Heath, England 10. Paimio Sanatorium, Paimio, Finland 11. Library, Viipuri, Finland (now Russia) 12. Resurrection Chapel, Turku, Finland 13. Kresge College, University of Santa Cruz, California 14. Tapiola New Town, Finland 15. Byker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England 16. Bill-Ding board, Football Hall of Fame 17. The Pantheon, Rome 18. University of Virginia, Charlottesville 19. Doge’s Palace, Venice 20. Campidoglio, Rome 21. Town Hall, Stockholm, Sweden 22. City Hall, Boston, Massachusetts 23. St. Mary’s Cathedral, San Francisco
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ARC 308 Quiz #3 Larry Speck Fall 2002 PART I. IDENTIFICATION (20 points) From the attached lists select the appropriate building name and architect for each of the slide pairs shown. Write the number or letter of the description beside the number of the slide pair. Building Name Architect ______ ______ slide pair #1 ______ ______ slide pair #2 ______ ______ slide pair #3 ______ ______ slide pair #4 ______ ______ slide pair #5 ______ ______ slide pair #6 ______ ______ slide pair #7 ______ ______ slide pair #8 ______ ______ slide pair #9 ______ ______ slide pair #10 PART II. MULTIPLE CHOICE (30 points) Mark the best answer in the space provided to the left of the number. ______ 1. In the chapter titled "Ours" in The Place of Houses the authors describe some of their works as "aedicular houses" by which they mean: a. houses that have the shape and form of insects–which are almost biological in their assembly of amorphous organic shapes. b. houses based on a four poster form with roof added which symbolizes a
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SAMPLE- quiz 3 - List of Architects Slide Identification A....

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