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RESEARCH PAPER ASSIGNMENT #1 Architecture and Society - ARC 308 Spring 2007 TA: Andres Lozano, MArchII, Post Professional Program. Email: [email protected] PAPER ONE – BUILDING SUBMISSION 35% percent of your grade for this class will be based on a series of research papers that you will complete in four installments. The first paper, the Building Submission, will count as 5% of your total grade and the next two out of three papers will each count as 15% of your total grade. For these research papers, you will select one building that interests you and investigate it throughout the semester in terms of form, physical considerations, and human use. The purpose of these assignments is for you to strengthen your grasp of the architectural ideas presented in the lectures and help you analyze the built world, a skill that will benefit you as an architect, scholar, or simply as a perceptive human being. BUILDING SELECTION
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