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Arch 308 Handouts Spr 07

Arch 308 Handouts Spr 07 - School of Architecture Spring...

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School of Architecture Spring 2007 Handout #1 ARC 308 Architecture and Society Instructor: Larry Speck Time: TTh 12:30 am-2:00 pm Place: HRH 2.104 Prerequisites None. Required course for architecture majors. Educational Objectives 1. To establish a perspective of the role and influence of architecture in society and vis-a-vis other disciplines in the arts and science. 2. To develop an understanding of how architecture is shaped by and reflects cultural values and social organization. 3. To present a broad picture of issues and factors which influence architectural design. 4. To begin an acquaintance with the history and development of architecture. Educational Approach This is a reading/looking/listening course. It will follow a fairly conventional lecture format supplemented by related outside reading. Most presentations will be illustrated by slides with examples drawn from a broad spectrum of architectural history, with emphasis on the recent past. Evaluation There will be three quizzes as well as a final exam in the course. Each quiz will count as 15% of your final grade. The final will count 20%. The remaining 35% of your grade will be based on a series of three short papers which you will write through the semester. The quizzes test understanding of material covered in lectures and reading over a five- to seven-week period. The final exam will deal with comprehensive material covered in the course. Paper assignments will be dealt with primarily in discussion sections. Required Texts Readings will be assigned from the following three texts: Rasmussen, Steen Eiler. Experiencing Architecture. Heschong, Lisa. Thermal Delight in Architecture. Moore, Charles, et al. The Place of Houses .
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ARC 308—Architecture and Society Spring 2007 Instructor: Larry Speck Handout #2 Course Outline I. Introduction Jan. 18 - Course Description Jan. 23 - Architecture and Society—Overview Jan. 25 - Architectural Values/Philosophy/Principles/Prejudices/Theory II. Form in Architecture Jan. 30 - Architecture as Sensual/Visual Experience Feb. 1 - Architecture as an Intellectual/Artistic Experience Feb. 6 - Order and Systems in Architecture Feb. 8 - Numbers/Mathematics/Geometry as Inspiration of Form Feb. 13 - Nature/Biology/Organisms as Inspiration of Form [Reading in Experiencing Architecture to be completed by Feb. 13] Feb. 15 - Synthesis - Form Feb. 20 - Quiz #1 III. Physical Considerations in Architecture Feb. 22 - Buildings and Land Feb. 27 - Geography/Topography/Ecology Mar. 1 - Structure and Materials Mar. 6 - Construction/Tectonics Mar. 8 - Architecture in Response to Climate Mar. 20 - Synthesis - Physical Considerations [Readings in Thermal Delight in Architecture to be completed by Mar. 20] Mar. 22 - TBA Mar. 27 - Quiz #2 IV. Human Use in Architecture Mar. 29 - The Designation and Organization of Use Apr. 3 - Architectural Determinism Apr. 5 - Humanism at the Personal Scale Apr. 10 - Humanism at the Scale of Organizations/Communities/Bureaucracies Apr. 12 - TBA
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Arch 308 Handouts Spr 07 - School of Architecture Spring...

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